This guide will walk through deploying Featureform on Kubernetes. The Featureform ingress currently supports AWS load balancers.


  • An existing Kubernetes Cluster in AWS
  • A domain name that can be directed at the Featureform load balancer

Step 1: Add Helm repos

Add Certificate Manager and Featureform Helm Repos.
helm repo add featureform https://storage.googleapis.com/featureform-helm/
helm repo add jetstack https://charts.jetstack.io
helm repo update

Step 2: Install Helm Charts

Certificate Manager

If Certificate Manager has not yet been installed, install it before installing Featureform.
helm install certmgr jetstack/cert-manager \
--set installCRDs=true \
--version v1.8.0 \
--namespace cert-manager \


Install Featureform with the desired domain name. Featureform will automatically provision the public TLS certificate when the specific domain name is routed to the Featureform loadbalancer.
helm install <release-name> featureform/featureform \
--set global.hostname=<your-domain-name>
--set global.publicCert=true

Step 3: Domain routing

After Featureform has created its load balancer, you can create a CNAME record for your domain that points to the Featureform load balancer.
Public TLS certificates will be generated automatically once the record has been created.