• An existing Kubernetes Cluster in AWS

  • A domain name that can be directed at the Featureform load balancer

Step 1: Add Helm repos

Add Certificate Manager and Featureform Helm Repos.

helm repo add featureform 
helm repo add jetstack 
helm repo update

Step 2: Install Helm Charts

Certificate Manager

If Certificate Manager has not yet been installed, install it before installing Featureform.

helm install certmgr jetstack/cert-manager \
    --set installCRDs=true \
    --version v1.8.0 \
    --namespace cert-manager \


Install Featureform with the desired domain name. Featureform will automatically provision the public TLS certificate when the specific domain name is routed to the Featureform loadbalancer.

helm install  featureform/featureform \
    --set hostname=
    --set publicCert=true

Custom helm flags

hostnameThe hostname where the cluster will be accessible. Required to terminate the TLS certificate for GRPC.“localhost”
versionOverrideThe Docker container tag to pull. The default value is overwritten with the latest deployment version when pulling from artifacthub.“0.0.0”
repositoryThe Docker repo to pull the images from.“featureformcom”
pullPolicyThe container pull policies.“Always”
selfSignedCertWill create a self-signed certificate for the hostname. Either selfSignedCert or publicCert must be enabled if generating a certificate.“true”
publicCertWhether to use a public TLS certificate or a self-signed one. If true, the public certificate is generated for the provided hostname.“false”
tlsSecretNameWill set the name of the TLS secret for the ingress to use if manually adding a certificate.“featureform-ca-secret”
k8sRunnerEnableIf true, uses a Kubernetes Job to run Featureform jobs. If false, Featureform jobs are run in the coordinator container in a separate thread.“false”
nginx.enabledWill install nginx along with Featureform if true.“true”
loggingWill enable logging fluentbit, loki, and graphana within the cluster.“true”

Step 3: Domain routing

After Featureform has created its load balancer, you can create a CNAME record for your domain that points to the Featureform load balancer.

Public TLS certificates will be generated automatically once the record has been created.