Enable Snapshotting

Enable With Helm

Snapshotting is enabled through the helm chart configuration. To enable, you can run:

helm upgrade featureform featureform/featureform [FLAGS] --set backup.enable=true --set backup.schedule=

where <schedule> is a valid cron schedule. Example: "0 * * * *" for every hour on the hour.

Backup Location

You’ll also need to create a Kubernetes secret to provide access to the cloud storage.

There is an example file located in the Github Repo secret_template.yaml.

You can use this template to choose one of the cloud providers and add credentials for that provider.

kubectl apply -f secret_template.yaml

will create the secret.

Restore Snapshot

Restoring a snapshot will delete all data currently in Featureform and replace it with the data in the snapshot. You can specify to restore from the latest snapshot or restore from a specific snapshot.

Restore From Latest

To restore from the latest you can download the Github Repo.

cd backup/restore

Edit the .env-template file with your cloud provider name and credentials, then rename to .env. A specific snapshot can be used by filling in the SNAPSHOT_NAME variable in the .env file.

To restore, run


and confirm that the cluster being restored is the correct one. Press y to complete the restore.